B-Liner Snapper

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

I love to source luxury and extravagant foods. Some of which comes from unique and distinct locations around the world. In this dish we source local B-liner snapper and green strawberries. We also source jumbo French White Asparagus. Also included in this dish is Rhubarb from Washington state.

Cooking with local farmers is a passion of mine. It allows me an opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the places I go and communities I cook for. .”


Pictured above is a b liner snapper that is cooked skin side down in a hot skillet until the skin is crisp. It is Paired with sauce Bernaise (added tarragon), which is a derivative sauce of Hollandaise. The Snapper is garnished with jumbo French Asparagus that is brushed with a truffle mayonnaise and covered with grated cured egg yolk and dusted in gold. Each dish from our tasting menu included some gold as a way to honor the golden isles. Along side the Asparagus is pickled Rhubarb, rhubarb is delicate so we peel it, create a pickle and pour it over the rhubarb (this cooks it and colors it). Lastly we have pickled green and red strawberry, Asparagus Puree and White Balsamic Pickle Liquid Gel. This was one of my favorite dishes.

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