Greatness is often seen in hind sight...

Only after leaving could I really appreciate how great each member of the team actually was. I was tiered, burned up it felt. I was exhausted from the constant push, I was tiered of being called names and tiered of trying to achieve something I felt I would never accomplish. In hind sight I see now I was just unclear about what I was doing.

This photo is from Gilt Restaurant in the palace Hotel. In the front is Justin Bogle the Executive Chef running from the picture followed by Justin (bomber) Donaldson on the right, Christian and Joe (junior, in front) on the left and lastly Patrick next to Junior.

This team became family to me. They pushed me, yelled at me, moved me, punched me and drank with me. They looked after me and cared for me.

It is a wonderful feeling to be apart of such a great team. You hope your contributions add to the overall contributions although each day you show up and just do your best. Even if your best sucks - if you truly work hard and do your best often that is enough to be accepted to come back for another day. And day after day you become family.

Restaurants are best when they are become about family. A team driven by love and passion. By a commitment to accountability of one another. Each person is working to push the person beside them. Everything becomes about becoming better and day after day, through good and bad you become Great.

Gilt was a 2 Michelin starred Restaurant. One I will never forget.

Thank you Justin Bogle and team!

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