The Perfect Egg.

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Created at the Georgian Room, it is a combination of classics. Egg + Spinach + Cream

When we think of classics for me I almost always think of eggs. but what classic combinations are we playing on here. Well…. Cream Spinach, Soft Scramble eggs, Onion Soubise. These are all fundamental classic recipes that are specific and delicious. This dish ties all of them together beautifully.

“When a great dish emerges often I find it ends up a combination of classics.”

The details:

Here at the bottom of the dish is a tablespoon of creamed spinach, blanched spinach cooked slowly in an onion soubise finished with an aged 50 year sherry vinegar and white pepper. These two final touches of sherry and white pepper add depth in a way hard to explain unless tasted.

Next we confit shallots on extremely low heat until tender, they are added to eggs with butter and scrambled with a whisk on medium heat until the eggs are fluffy and fully cooked. A splash or cream touch of butter, salt, white pepper and chives cool the eggs to prevent overcooking and enhance their flavor, A tablespoon tops the spinach.

Next we make another onion soubise with celery root cooking the celery root in the cream until tender and translucent. it is seasoned and blended. It is aerated with nitrogen in a ISI canister and a dollop of foam is placed over the top.

Finally we finish the dish with a dash of gold to represent the golden isles. This we one of the most talked about dishes I had made while at the Georgian Room.

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